Are you using Lasso CRM? Paramantra is a modern and advanced alternative to Lasso.
There is no better way to sell Real Estate.

Solution Offerings Paramantra Lasso CRM
Target and AI Forecasting
Lasso does not have a solution to manage and track your sales targets and forecast revenue. Our Augmented Intelligence (AI) based target and forecasting helps your team identify, focus, convert and automatically report on revenue targets.
Quotation and Pricing
Paramantra's advanced Pricing module allows team members to share, manage and store all quotations, revisions and approvals. On the settings screen you can make pricing decisions, view and approve any exceptions or changes to standard pricing. In management dashboards you can analyze which deals and price points are getting you most traction, profitability and visibility and which deals need intervention to close with the home buyer.
Channel Partner Module
Lasso CRM lacks enterprise grade channel partner management features. With Paramantra you have access to features and modules to aid every aspect of working with your Channel Partners. Recruit, on- board, manage leads, resolve conflicts, track deal progress, Block or Book inventory. Paramantra allows you to monitor your indirect sales teams activities, performance and engagement levels.
Call Management
Lasso CRM has no inbuilt feature to track and manage calls to and from your prospective buyer. There is 3rd party integration but that creates an outside dependency for a mission critical business function. Paramantra has inbuilt telephony capability that automatically and seamlessly integrates with your sales team's cell phone, fixed line or any other telephone systems
Response Time
Research shows that leads generated online can lead to 21X more property showings/meetings if called in less than 5 minutes. Lasso integrates with online sources but between lead generated and a first acknowledgement call, there is precious time lost. Paramantra has a proactive approach, where if a lead is generated online, the system identifies a team member best suited to respond, informs the team member and makes that call happen: all in less than 5 Minutes.
Automated Follow Up
With Paramantra, if a customer asks for a call at say, 5:00 PM, that follow up call is automatically made on schedule. If a call leads to no conversation and your team member wants to follow up via email, text,WhatsApp, call back or any combination or sequence thereof, that cadence is managed automatically.
Mobile App
Lasso CRM does not have mobile Apps for Android, Apple and/or Windows. Paramantra is available on all three platforms. This allows your team member to call, email, update records and manage their tasks from anywhere. Our Enterprise Select customers can use their mobile app and update information in real time without internet connectivity.
Complimentary Services
Services associated with Paramantra subscription are available to our customers on un-metered and complimentary basis. Our services include training, support, configuration and customizations. Lasso CRM license cost does not include these services.
Unlimited Integrations
Paramantra provides unlimited integrations to any and all real estate listing website and portals. We are pre-integrated with Google Ads, Facebook and several email marketing services providers. Integrations to ERP, accounting or any other business applications is available to our subscribers on a complimentary and un-metered basis.


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