Paramantra provides unmatched technological advancements. Our latest offering surpasses the solution capabilities of contemporary CRM solutions.

Solution Offerings Paramantra Salesforce CRM
1-year unconditional refund
Undecided about investing in our CRM ? Avail the benefits of the Safe Invest Program by adopting our CRM before making the purchase decision.
Support activities related to breakdowns, clarifications, online or in-person system troubleshooting are resolved in record time by our support specialists.
Complimentary Configuration & Customization
Our CRM is capable of meeting and executing any demands placed on it. You can configure the system based on the requirements of your team and business.
Vendor Lock-in
Without a lock-in period, you can choose to terminate or extend your subscription with Paramantra at any time.
We enhance user experience derived from our CRM by creating customized training modules depending on the tech-literacy of your teams. User training's are given either in person, over the web or in a
Map all your marketing channels and online portals onto Paramantra. With real time updates on enquiries, you identify opportunities from all interactions.
Response Time
Delaying first time response to incoming inquiries can cause wastage of 92% of all generated leads. We improve customer engagement by triggering an auto-call within 5 minutes of an inquiry so you can harness 21X more meetings.
Embedded Telephony
Register customer communications with secure call tracking for sale... s and service scenarios. Embedded telephony allows for detailed tracking of all your marketing expenses without compromising on security and ownership of critical sales data.
Unlimited Integration of Call Tracking Numbers
Why pay for call tracking numbers? Enjoy complementary use of call tracking numbers without any charges on additional numbers or minutes.
Sales Status Dependencies and Actions
Track the activities your team undertakes for lead engagement. Intuitive dashboards and activity reports help you understand and improve team performance.
Channel Partner Module
If your sales is executed via large channel partner networks then the channel partner module will help you allocate leads, assess performance and contribution of channel partners to organizational revenue.
Target and AI Forecasting
AI-based target and forecasting helps your team manage revenue plan. So let the system accurately guide your team towards more closures.
Sales Compensation Management
Allocation of fair compensation and incentives improves your team's performance. This is achieved by monitoring and analyzing revenue contribution of representatives without resorting to manual methods.
Quotation and Pricing
Quoting the wrong price discourages your buyers from investing in your product. An advanced pricing module ensure your teams shares accurate and approved pricing with customers.
Advanced Inventory
Track, update and share inventory with channel partners based on availability and preference. You gain complete visibility over the booked/blocked status of your properties.
Missed Call Response Automation
Don't lose the deal even if you miss a call. Paramantra automatically reconnects you with customers without setting any reminders.
Deep Reporting for Performance and Process Activity
Access to accurate data helps you assess the viability of existing processes. Equipped with this information, top management takes decisions that help improve team productivity.
Auto Detect Scheduled and Unresponsive Meetings
Track conversions of meetings done from leads generated. Guide your team to improve the quality of engagement based on insightful data.
Site Visit Feedback Form
Collect and document customer feedback about your product with Paramantra's automated site visit feedback forms.
AI Based Auto-Suggestions and Follow-up Reminders
You may forget to follow-up with a lead but our sales solution won't. Know which lead will close with the aid of auto-suggestions.
QR Code Connectivity
With QR code technology you can import all lead details onto your phone. We build technology that helps you access customer information in no time at all.
Post Sales
Ensure 95% customer retention by addressing and solving customer inquiries in record time.
Offline Capabilities
Track your business calls, emails, texts from our mobile app even in the absence of data network. Whether you are online or offline - Paramantra is always available.

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