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All Features Paramantra Base
Configurable Mobile App
Custom feature, fields and rules added for each customer on computer based version should reflect in Mobile App without writing additional code.
Quotation-Invoicing/ (CPQ)
Invoicing and collections, Managing products, their pricing, sending quotations and revisions thereof are important parts of the sales process.
Updating Without Internet or App
Ability to access the sales CRM when Mobile App and/or internet connectivity are both unavailable.
Advanced Field Customization
Relational data fields, Nested Fields, Large data sets are common needs for organized sales teams.
Native Telephony Technology
Ability to create platform agnostic telephony system configurable for all types of sales policies for any team size involving both direct and indirect staff.
Automatic Forecasting
Ability to automatically suggest leads to include in forecast.
Multi Dimensional Lead Grading
Lead grading based on multiple aspects including activity, profile, propensity and qualitative insights.
Auto Follow-Up Management
Ability to create and manage targets in a hierarchical team structure.
Target management
Multi Channel reminder mechanism, automatic follow up suggestions without manual data entry.
12 Month Full Refund
Risk mitigation for failed CRM initiative.

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A complete analysis on Base CRMs enterprise version was made. Over 75 features, functions, workflow and modules were tested for fitment to the needs of sales team. While Paramantra offers solution for both service/support and sales, the 75 points exclude any feature that applies to the aforementioned functions. It is presumed that the enterprise solution offered by the company is their best offering. We have also not included subscription benefits that Paramantra offers around training, support and configuration. To get the complete feature analysis please contact us.

Management Teams: Setting targets and managing forecasts is actually the weakest feature in Base CRM. It relies heavily on status based analysis that is manually keyed in by sales team. The sales team may erroneously report this data. Additionally since every call email and text needs to be manually attached to lead, contact and deal there is a much greater risk if drawing advanced inference on incorrect data. The other disadvantage is set in the very core of the system. If every prospect or suspect was a called a contact in your sales dictionary, you will have to now call them leads. There is zero flexibility in defining lead, contacts and deals. If your current CRM has terms such as prospects, opportunities, lead categories then all that has to change to adapt to Base CRMs definitions. Moreover, while enlisting corporate accounts the solution does not allow hierarchical structures, unlimited branching or otherwise.Lead grading relies heavily on static and oversimplified "one-point-for-a-trick"methodology that offers inaccurate results. If your sales team relies on stock or store information, generates quotation or is also tasked with invoicing and collections there are no features or modules inbuilt or provide a seamless 3rd party data interaction.

For Field Sales: The app does not carry customized fields or rules. One generic app, that every sales rep in every company must use in the exact same way. This severely limits productivity and viability if your organization has seasoned reps well set in their territories. Perhaps the reason why territory management as a module is missing.Additionally there is no invoicing, configuration, pricing or quotation module built in. The mobile app does not allow you to track customer communication from call email or text. Every call must be manually logged even if made from a browser-a functionality that only works with a compliant browser. Can not make calls through browser without full data connectivity. No alternate means of updating CRM or making calls if you are travelling and the mobile app can not be used. Every sales activity has to be manually updated thereby increasing the need for data entry. Quite contrary to the stated objectives of Base CRM.

For Inside Sales: Making calls from the system is possible through a browser in which case Inside sales teams must use headsets or headphones. Browsers from major software publishers frequently get updated, so you have to stick with the Browser and its version till Base asks you to. In case the rep uses their cell phone or desk phone calls unanswered by their prospects, if returned have no configurable rules for termination.Additionally incoming calls can not be configured on the basis of history, ownership, rep availability or Prospect profile. Overall process flow reminds of call center softwares used for B2C telemarketing in 1990's.e-Mail capability limited and dependent on users email environment. All calls have to be attached to leads,contacts and deals. Reps have the option after each call to not log the call.

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