Converged communications tools for a better motivated customer team.

The actual customer activities happen outside of the CRM. Paramantra's revolutionary CRM helps your sales and service teams to manage all their activities from within the CRM and integrates existing devices and modes of communication. With communication modules created separately for each type of business usage, you will experience productivity and user satisfaction levels like never before.

Phone: Our solution ensures that your team does not do the activities at one place and fill information about it at another. Whether your customer calls happen over complex call center environment or on teams' cell phones, Paramantra will automatically integrate it with your reporting and record management. Comprehensive and robust telephony exchange that manages business calls from and to your customers. Industry leading flexibility thanks to our Lab's seven years of research and development based on inputs from thousands of sales and service professionals. The solution framework is designed to work in the cloud without the need of any hardware installed at your locations.

Email: Leverage the email module to create a cohesive and homogeneous framework for communicating with clients. A unique email exchange server that allows you to integrate with any kind of mail environment that your corporate mandates. The system keeps track of all your customer email communications and ensures your teams' inter office emails are segregated automatically.Power your teams to work from one strong customer facing collaboration suite. Take automation in daily mail usage for customer follow up, documentation, invoicing to whole new level. Use Paramantra to create a robust lead management and service management.

Chat: Utilize Paramantra's chat module to ensure communications done via this channel never leaves the system. The module delivers best in class ability to manage work load based on skills, timing and customer profile. Every chat creates an automatic record and can set a plan of communication in action. Lead with relevant content based on your expertise and customer's query. Paramantra's chat module was developed with the needs of a CRM system in mind and therefore affords us the ability to deliver one fine tuned product for sales and another for service. Not considering a switch? Integrate 3rd party chat system into your CRM and make the best of Paramantra's advancements.


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