A robust system backed by services to ensure your project success.

It is one thing to boast of modules and yet another to take the responsibility of flawless adaptation to your needs. Paramantra allows you to configure every functionality to your business flow by using it's detailed yet simple menu driven configuration and settings toolkit.

Paramantra Treats: Paramantra treats each product purchase as an opportunity to put every relevant functionality to full use. Let our experts work with you to help you get that exact fit. Re-iterate on your own or with our support.

Modules: The choices Paramantra offers within an industry or use-case template is exhaustive and methodical. Modules, features and functionalities all form an integral part of our industry templates. Our experts can help you make the best choices for your sales and service teams to ensure all your objectives are met.

Work Flows-Fields and Forms: Have complex fields and forms that your team members need to populate? From entirely new forms to fields that have data dependent on each others inputs, Paramantra provides for a powerful workbench to create them. Even if the data is generated and resides outside, create the perfect level of detailing on your own or with our experts.

Communications Set Up: Paramantra gives you the ability to synchronize your teams devices, smart phones, email's and even fixed line phones.You may also have any number of sources to receive leads or service requests such as phone, email, chat, web-site, landing pages, social media or digital pens-All of which you can rely our system and team of experts to configure in 1 day or less.

Reports and Dashboards: Create your own reports and Dashboards or rely on our team to help you get started. With practically unlimited possibilities of configuring reports making the correct choices for your top reports is critical to a team's success. Our experts can help you select Reports and Dashboards from a wide variety of perspectives that include your offerings, teams activities and results.

Data-Migration: Paramantra offers simple and effective tools to have your data migrated from Legacy systems. From creating a simple plan and process for importing the data to actually populating and testing. Our team will work with you to ensure there is cohesiveness and continuity. Not only can you use this tool for import tasks of varying level of complexity but you can also rely on our team to assist you with varying levels of detailing.

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medical devices paramantra crm case study

Solution For Hospitality

Paramantra's simple solution helps this premium resort chain manage a communication intensive sales process.

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Mission Critical Support

Paramantra's framework helps manage all activities related to preventive maintenance to avoid any critical downtime incidents.

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Selling Appliances

The sales team adopts Paramantra to manage sales developmental activities, invoicing and order processing.

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