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Our Customer is a multi-billion dollar global corporation which was founded in 1846.

Providing timely support and saving lives everyday.

Paramantra provides never before accessibility to customer data and activity reporting to our support staff that is always on the move.

Country Head

Our Customer is a multi-billion dollar global manufacturer founded in 1846. It manufactures tools for eye examinations and medical lasers as well as solutions for neurosurgery, dentistry, gynecology and oncology. Among its products are the most common tools used by ophthalmologist and optometrists. Through their network they are well aware of customers’ demands. Worldwide neurosurgeon, ear, nose and throat specialist and ophthalmologist – if there are clinicians or if they are office-based – put their trust in the know-how of our client.

"When a customer contacts us; using any of the available modes of communicating with us-they are looking for a solution needed for their patients. There is simply no time for anything but absolute productivity. Our list of installations is many times the list of our customers and identifying the shortest path to absolute issue resolution is our primary objective. Our support staff can not afford to deal with process or system clogs that come in the way providing precise and timely support."

Paramantra connects the office based central response team to regional management, coordination centers and field service engineers. For the past five years of our working with the organization our comprehensive cloud-based solution provides every stakeholder the ability to make the right decisions for their customers. By utilizing the advanced accessibility options the field team is always connected, regardless of their device and connectivity status. The advanced accessibility options also allows the management team to automatically obtain data for making crucial decisions to stay on performance metrics.

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