No matter how you communicate with clients, Paramantra makes it easy to auto update notes, activities, progress and reports when it comes to client communication. All modes of communication channels, are seamlessly integrated with Paramantra.

Augmented Intelligence

We help you know which customers need your time, understand meaning behind what they express and help you get in touch with those that matter without depending on unnecessary filters and reports.


Paramantra has modules for every step of your customer engagement process from management of leads, closing deals, servicing customers to getting referrals. Manage entire life cycle of your customers from one platform.

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Embedded private Voice exchange

You can register customer interactions over all communication channels for sales and service scenarios.

Voice Concierge

Talk to a voice concierge to update leads, requests, notes or to get important customer information.

Text Connectivity

Use text to update tasks, start calls, change statuses, create/assign leads or requests. This CRM application features keeps you covered even when you don't have access to the internet.

Email Exchange

Manage all your customer emails from one cohesive platform. You can track follow-ups and quotes without depending on external sites. Your IT policy has a preferred email system? No problem. We ensure nothing falls through the cracks no matter what customizations you need.


Identify opportunities by gaining a 360 degree view of each interaction. So, your team can determine when customers need your help.

Mobile App

Track your business calls, emails, texts from your mobile. Generate invoices or quotes and manage daily activity reports. Whether you are online or offline-Paramantra is always available.

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Knowledge Management

Store product information and training modules which can be easily accessed by your team.


You can now accurately forecast deals after receiving AI-based qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Escalation and Alerts

Track service requests, trigger alerts and escalations with our dynamic module which ensures no customer is left waiting.

Target Management and Sales Review

Automatic updates based on dynamic rules helps you create, manage and track your sales targets.So you stay on track of your objectives.

Tasks and Reminders

An intelligent calendar helps you auto-schedule updates so you don't miss any follow-ups or important meetings.


Set pricing, send quotations, invoices and track collections. With our CRM you can also share contracts, legal documentation with an in-built approval and tracking mechanism.

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Project Management

Handling multiple projects simultaneously is made easy with Paramantra. You can manage milestones, activities, dependencies and expenses - all from one secure platform.


Effectively manage supply levels, receivables, the dispatch and handling of rejects. You can manage purchases with approval management and vendor/principal management.


With infinite integrations and an exhaustive list of service connectors, we make sure that your systems communicate with each other.

Spares, Repair and Returns

Manage service requests for repairs, replacements, spares, returns and billing.


Heading for a holiday but don't want to miss on follow-ups? Co-assign leads to colleagues while retaining control over lead activity.


Unsure of whether a lead is valid or not? With the approval feature you can promptly get your request approved by your manager

Service Level Agreement

Create a core system that is as strong as your strategy. With comprehensive functionalities you can create service level plans for customers and clients.


Don't rely on manual reporting to calculate important metrics when in-built auto-mechanisms do it for you. Designed for teams who support and service mission critical equipment or machinery.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the value of tactical insights to your business as a source of quicker feedback. We give you what conventional data sources don't - identification and understanding of opinions and experiences of prospects.

Service Management

Comprehensive modules to manage projects, milestones, activities, dependencies and expenses. Keep your projects on track and your clients posted.

Lead management

Advanced enterprise grade capabilities that adapt to your sales process. With a fully configurable lead management system, our CRM ensures you stay on top of all processes.

Auto responses

You can send personalized responses and notifications which are triggered based on events. Send emails and text messages based on dynamic and configurable rules.

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Manufacturing service support CRM Software-Paramantra

Mission Critical Support

Paramantra's framework helps manage all activities related to preventive maintenance to avoid any critical downtime incidents.

Home Appliance Industry Sales Solution-Paramantra

Appliance Sales

The sales team adopts Paramantra to manage sales developmental activities, invoicing and order processing.

hospitality industry sales crm software-paramantra

Solution For Hospitality

Paramantra's simple solution helps this premium resort chain manage a communication intensive sales process.