With Paramantra updating your activities, notes and progress are automated. Regardless of the communication mode you choose Paramantra makes it easy to stay connected with your customers.


Find more people to get back in touch with. Know which customers need your time and find meaning behind everything they expressed. A friendly advisor that works round the clock so you do not have to.


Having to deal with multiple systems while engaging with customers is a thing of past. Paramantra has modules for your every need and allows you to exchange information from anywhere. Be closest to the truth.

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Paramantra makes it easy for your team to work with your customers. Explore solutions that increase availability and automation to drive efficiency.

Embedded private Voice exchange

Everything you need to register your customer communications over calls. Built from ground up-different products for sales, service in B2b or B2C scenarios.

Voice Concierge

Can't write in the CRM? Talk to the machine. For times when there is no more than a pay phone in sight. Update leads or requests, leave notes and get important customer information.

Text Connectivity

Like Texts? Access the CRM using our text services. Update tasks, start calls, change statuses, create/assign leads or requests and much more by texting. Useful when there is no data coverage or whatever else life throws at you.

email exchange

All your customer email communications in one place. Full blown functionalities in a cohesive platform. Track follow ups,quotes and let Paramantra ensure nothing falls through cracks. Your IT policies has a favorite email system? No problem.


Every Chat gets automatically updated and analyzed. Get a complete 360 Degree view of each interaction. Identify opportunities where your team and customers need your help.

Mobile App

Track your business calls, emails, texts from your mobile. Generate invoices or quotes and manage daily activity reports. Whether you are online or offline-Paramantra is always available.


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Usable Analytics that helps your team members at every stage of the customer engagement cycle.

Knowledge Management

FAQ, Internal Knowledge Base, Training and evaluation resources- complete coverage to ensure there is a positive growth in knowledge of the team. The module learns by itself and offers help on its own too.


System tracks all leads that your team has forecast-ed. It also suggests which deals should be forecasted. Get to know the "Why" behind every forecast deal. See the qualitative and quantitative analysis before counting deals in.

Escalation and Alerts

Dynamic module which allows you to track your service requests. Set rules to trigger alert or escalations and ensure there's no customer waiting.

Target Management and Sales Review

Create, manage and track your sales targets. Stay on track of your objectives and never go back to asking for spreadsheets. Automatic updates based on dynamic rules.

Tasks and Reminders

Calendar that not only monitors all tasks that you record in but also tell you what you could or should do. Intelligent Calendar that doesn't miss noticing if you do.


Know expected success rate of your quote. Select products or services, set pricing and send quotations. Includes contract and legal documentation, approval and tracking mechanism, Invoicing and collection management.

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Paramantra makes it easy to support customers when they need your help. Paramantra also makes it easy for them to help themselves when they don’t.

Project Management

Keep your projects on track. A module to manage projects, milestones, activities, dependencies and expenses. Keep your clients posted of progress!


Works standalone or with your ERP. Includes managing supply levels, receiving goods, dispatching, handling rejects, approval based purchase management and vendor/principal management.


Exhaustive list of service connectors that follow the highest benchmarks in the industry. A team dedicated to ensure we are in "talking terms" with all other services that you like to use.

Spares, Repair and Returns

Comprehensive module that manages service requests which need repairs and/or replacements. Consumables, spares, returns, billing and repairs management.


Feature to use when access needs to be given to a co-worker over a lead or service request. Control the level of access to your co-worker including ability to see contact information, communication control-email, call, text, add notes manually or edit details. Team-up!


Seeking advice made easier. Unsure what to do? The Approval feature helps your colleague or manager to approve of any aspect of your lead or service request. Point out what you need an approval on and the system does the rest. Easily track suggestions and approvals received.

Service Level Agreement

Create service level plans for your customers. Assign clients the plan just right for them and set rules to make sure you don't go wrong. Comprehensive functionalities that allows you to create a system as strong as your strategy.


For those teams who support and service mission critical equipment or machinery. In-built and automatic mechanisms to easily calculate important metrics. Without needing to rely on manual reporting.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly understand and identify the opinions and experiences of prospects or customers automatically. Discover positive, negative and neutral sentiments. These tactical insights are valuable to businesses, because they can often provide quicker feedback than conventional data sources.

Service Management

Keep your projects on track. A module to manage projects, milestones, activities, dependencies and expenses. Keep your clients posted of progress!

Lead management

Fully configurable lead management and work flows to ensure you have a robust yet nimble system which is easy to keep current. Advanced enterprise grade capabilities to adapt to your sales processes.

Auto responder

Dynamic and configurable rules to send personalized responses and notifications. Triggered based on any event, sends emails and text messages as asked.

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