Paramantra helps your users get a lot more than they actually give to the CRM system

From the initial days of CRM to today, managers have depended on front line staff to populate data fields with information about activities and results of each communication. The questions that arises then, what is CRM without the timely data entry of majority of the users. What have front line users gotten back from the system? Paramantra is built around the philosophy of giving more information to the end users than inputs asked for.

Insights: Rise above demographical information driven by social media. Get the complete background of every conversation, meaning behind every expression in a clear concise and accurate manner. Get Field teams to integrate stronger with office based teams. Paramantra will help both teams to gain insights if there is an aspect of customer engagement that the other overlooked.

Productivity: Your teams are at the forefront of customer engagement. Give them the power of Paramantra's omnipresent communication tools to ensure they get the most out of their skills and day. By using Paramantra they will be able to automate basic activities such as typing notes, giving status updates, reporting on activities such as calls, emails and visits.

Connectivity: With changing perceptions about workspace and work timings, Paramantra leads the way with highly available and connected systems. Paramantra gives your team the flexibility to work from anywhere, use any device and even connect using a payphone when nothing else is accessible. Let your team engage with customers and get ahead of industry peers.

Prioritization: Paramantra helps your team to better prioritize tasks by utilizing self evolving algorithms. While users will go back to the system to keep current of all tasks and reminders that they created, the system will ensure there is no customer unnoticed by them. This is made possible with our highly customizable and pervasive analytics driven triggers. Paramantra helps your team measure activities, it's impact and qualitative weight of communication.

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