Collect eal-time progress insights with Paramantra's accessibility options.

There is no bigger obstacle to reporting management data than collecting timely updates from field teams. Paramantra's solution addresses the needs of an on-the-go mobile workforce through a pervasive and omnipresent framework that allows your team to utilize a wide variety of communication modes to interact with the CRM system.

Text Messaging: With Paramantra, your field workforce can update SLA Impacting KPIs through Text. This feature is fully configurable and flexible, allowing a never -before visibility into customer activity progress. For the team on field missions, it helps to report the current status of work, time spent on the project, assign work to colleagues, and even trigger calls, emails, and invoices -all from a simple text message. This module has not only worked as a back-up to our smart phone app but also as a standalone module. Whether your field staff is on your direct employment roster or part of another organization strengthening your ground presence, there will be no easier way to train them on your CRM.

Concierge Updates: Paramantra also allows your field workforce to interact and report activities by utilizing a robust and nimble menu driven voice response system. The module is used for gathering background information, updating progress or status notes, carrying out basic tasks such as starting a call, email or sending documentation and even managing schedules and calendars. The Concierge system is completely automated and serves as a great alternative at places where there is a lack of data or device connectivity.

The two accessibility options increase the connectivity and availability of the system. Either can function as a standalone or work in tandem with some of our more traditional, yet path -breaking, mobility options. Explore new definitions of staying connected with Paramantra.

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Solution For Hospitality

Paramantra's simple solution helps this premium resort chain manage a communication intensive sales process.

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Mission Critical Support

Paramantra's framework helps manage all activities related to preventive maintenance to avoid any critical downtime incidents.

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Selling Appliances

The sales team adopts Paramantra to manage sales developmental activities, invoicing and order processing.

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