Paramantra makes management easier by helping you focus more on coaching and less on report collection.

With Paramantra, management teams can stay on track of operational and strategic objectives, regardless of how broad or deep their hierarchies extend. From features that your team will adopt fully to insights that the system will generate automatically, Paramantra covers every aspect needed for helping you coach and mentor your teams. Need more insights or modification to your system? Leverage Paramantra's experts for any report, change, or consultation.

Forecasting & Reviews: Still detailing business plan reviews on presentation decks and preparing final forecasts on spreadsheets? You are not alone. sales leadership team at the top 3 enterprise application software companies do it the same way. At Paramantra, you will gain from conducting reviews, validating forecasts, and managing targets all from within the CRM.

Get insights: Get insights about what your team is forecasting towards assigned targets. Get quantitative and qualitative insights about the true weight of your pipeline. Paramantra can validate deals on the basis of a wide variety of perspectives from activity levels, to specific prospect demographics, from their interests to even the overall positivity, negativity or neutrality of communication between your team and then. Move beyond simply identifying more people in social media feeds whose buy-in you would love to have.

Escalations & Triggers: Paramantra has separate functionalities to help you keep track of important deals and service requests. For sales, you can shortlist deals that you would like to get notified about or set rules to identify deals that may need your intervention. For managing service requests, create dynamic rules to make sure that a customer is not waiting to receive services from your team. Get notifications as the event occurs, periodically, or a combination of both.

Training: Fast-track your training and reinforcement efforts with Paramantra. Identify real world communication that your team does on a daily basis as examples for training. Run automatic searches for these ideals, and select the ones to share with other teams. Reduce your number of training meeting and time spent preparing for the meetings by half. Help your trainers focus on delivery, rather than content creation. Don't have full-fledged training resources? Utilize Paramantra's wizard-driven sales and service training module to share material and evaluate.

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medical devices paramantra crm case study

Solution For Hospitality

Paramantra's simple solution helps this premium resort chain manage a communication intensive sales process.

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Mission Critical Support

Paramantra's framework helps manage all activities related to preventive maintenance to avoid any critical downtime incidents.

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Selling Appliances

The sales team adopts Paramantra to manage sales developmental activities, invoicing and order processing.

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