Paramantra Blog CRM

Paramantra provides CRM software for industries such as real estate, industrial manufacturing, retail, consumer packaged goods, business services and financial services industry. In the last 10 years we have served customers with varying team sizes, from Fortune 500  to startups. The solution areas are designed in a modular cloud based architecture and our customers may subscribe one or all of the enterprise functions in the entire sales, marketing and service functions. We are proud to be driven by our customers, in our product road map, policies and pricing. The organization is 100% revenue financed and has no one other than customers, employees and our social ecosystems to be held accountable to. This gives our Research & Development teams a wide degree of flexibility to constantly innovate across technology infrastructure, architecture, business process alignment and design ethos to provide the highest standards of product experience to our users. Over the years our teams have had the good fortune of observing our clients and seeing them innovate in their customer policies related to sales, marketing and service. In our blog we will share those practices and our perspectives.