Convert More
And Then Some

Chaos is the order of marketing. Drive real growth by allowing every
conversion metric to improve by itself every month.

Chaos Theory Formula

Convert More And Then Some

Chaos is the order of marketing. Drive real growth by allowing every conversion metric to improve by itself every month.

Solution Area

Empower your digital marketing team to boost the volume of marketing generated inquiries with Paramantra CRM. Our platform enables seamless integration of weekly marketing initiatives with your CRM, ensuring that your sales team can prioritize, manage and execute inquiries effectively. At Paramantra, we understand that the customer journey goes beyond inquiry generation, which is why our CRM allows you to create automations across all channels to maintain brand visibility throughout the journey.
To turn inquiries into conversions, Paramantra CRM can help you reduce response time and increase response rates. Our automation tools also allow you to set up follow-up cadences that engage potential customers in less than five minutes of their inquiry. With our Cadence Management module, you can create and run inter-channel workflows, including calls, emails and texts, to ensure that all inquiries are processed within the optimal timeframe for maximum conversion.
At Paramantra, our Cadence Management module is an industry-first tool that can help you increase your conversion ratio by utilizing all modes of communication to run your drip marketing campaigns. Our CRM solution allows you to ensure that all your inquiries are processed within a time frame that is most conducive to increasing your inquiry conversion ratio. Use our Cadence Management module to create and run inter-channel follow up workflows, which can be personalized with calls, emails and texts, to optimize your drip marketing campaigns.


Cadence Management

Connect with your customers using a mix of email, SMS and phone call.

Dynamic Lead Allocation

Allow dynamic allocation of inquiries among your sales team members.

Comprehensive Integrations

Leverage unlimited number of integrations with inquiry sources including WhatsApp, landing pages, forms, website and even 3rd party portals.

CRM Data Retargeting

Retarget and remarket on CRM data to achieve highest rate of conversions.

Activity Management

Monitor activities of your sales team members to ensure highest level of productivity.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyse the emotions behind every conversation with your customers.


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