Paramantra replaces SAP CRM to solve sales and marketing challenges for One of the Largest Real Estate organization in India.

Head – Marketing, Sales and Planning
We have been using Paramantra for eighteen months or so. They implemented their solution and we went live in less than a month. The solution is enterprise grade, helps us in every single aspect of sales and marketing. Outstanding features that are practical for rigorous and high intensity sales team usag
Enterprise CRM Software

Background: Our customer is a well known real estate organization that constructs commercial and residential properties in several Indian cities – Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Pune and Vizag. Their leads and inquiries come in from almost every marketing media known to a modern marketer. The customer has several marketing partners, who are responsible for generating leads across different mediums. Their sales and marketing team comprises of about 60 members who generate, qualify and close these leads across about 25+ projects.

IT Setup Before Paramantra: Our customer used SAP for entering leads and updates on a daily basis. They also had a call tracking 3rd party solution to manage incoming calls. In addition, they used a separate system for tracking on-line leads(Google /Facebook Ads, e-marketing) – this system was provided by their digital marketing vendor. Leads from property portals like 99 acres, magic bricks,, roof and floor to name a few were triggered via email and spreadsheets to their marketing team, which in turn were entered in the system for sales team to work upon. Sales reviews and marketing assessment were done weekly on basis of collated reports on spreadsheets and documents. Channel partners emailed their leads/deals to our customer, after the customer’s employee completed registration in SAP. Home buyers would fill paper based forms, or sales kiosks systems placed at project sites and marketing booths at expositions and events.

Complexities, Challenges and Process Bottlenecks Solved by Paramantra: The sales team found their daily reporting and data entry work counterproductive and time consuming. Leads took too much time to go in central repository and then got allocated to relevant representative to take action. There were just too many systems, from many vendors that were made to integrate into the sales and marketing software. Another core area of corporate risk, was the degree to which data and calls were exposed. There were several key negatives in this situation:

1: The promised one view, of all their client interaction was just not there.

2: Sales reps were spending more time updating the system, than really selling.

3: Marketing team being unable to automatically de-duplicate and allocate leads coming from sources.

4: Software System finding it hard to adapt to the ever changing needs of modern sales and marketing policies.

5: Relying on a marketing agencies’ services to store and manage leads.

6: Patchwork of systems to manage calls, emails, text messages and sales information

By Using Paramantra, Our Customer Got Several Benefits: Not only did Paramantra address each of the complexities and challenges, but also helped the customer completely fortify their data. In today’s market environment there is no way that a real estate organization can avoid 3rd party dependence to supply or “carry” leads. Therefore, it gets all the more important to put checks and balances in place to ensure that there are no potential threats to leads getting exposed. Paramantra has also helped the customer completely automate managing leads from partners, reduced paperwork to up to 95%, increased sales productivity by providing a robust sales communication system that even works in real time without Internet.

Success lever for Future: As partners, our customer and us, we continue to solve and improve efficiency in all aspects of sales and marketing. From creating sales compensation policies and systems, to augmented intelligence aided features. It all sums to creating an environment of efficiency and quality, one which supports growth and promotes profitability.